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last week we have been for 5 days in my hometown – Burgas. Yessss, it was very short. We went through a lot of emotions, our parents met for the first time and as you know I am Bulgarian and my boyfriend is Romanian… They don’t know English and we were worried about the communication.... Continue Reading →


Get to know me better

Have you ever wondered who is behind this blog? 👀 I think so. I did not have an introduction at the beginning that explains in details who I am. It's time. My name is Denitsa & I am born in Bulgaria.🇧🇬 I was living there until I graduated 12th grade, 👩‍🎓then I applied and I was... Continue Reading →

Instagram tips

Dear all, I feel like we will have to hold on a little bit more for real springtime, at least in Denmark.. if it is going to arrive here? Social Media is such a powerful tool. Day by day, companies, and even small accounts realize how valuable is to have an audience on social platforms.... Continue Reading → DISCOUNT CODE

We all have to admit that it is time to shape our bodies. The winter is leaving and the summer is coming. Prepare for the beach, go to the gym and take supplements from MyProtein. What is better than good supplements with discount ?? Take discount 30% on your first order and 25% on a... Continue Reading →

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